I’m a UX designer, game designer, and creative technologist currently based in New York. I recently graduated from the Parsons School of Design and earned an MFA degree in the Design & Technology program. I am passionate about technology, game, storytelling, and playful experience, and I use them as a method to solve design problems. I have experience in various fields including VR, AR, UX, games, etc. Below are some work examples that show what I do.

In Between is a VR experience about fear that explores the boundary between dream and reality, and investigats the absurdity and darkness of the unconscious using the narrative container of dreams. 

UberEats Health Mode is an UberEats redesign for gym lovers featuring the new “health mode” function. 

童忆 The Memory of Childhood is an AR app to collect “digital blind box” from our specially designed cards. 

The Freewill of Life is a 2D platformer game with three different levels illustrating three ideological statuses of life: being the beginning of life (inside the womb), the underworld seeking reincarnation, and getting into the human world.
Parsons School of Design
MFA Design & Technology
2020 - 2022
University of Toronto
Honors BA Architecture Design & Visual Studies
2014 - 2018